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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 11, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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a salute to veterans across the united states. today we honored those that serve in the u.s. military. more than 1.3 million men and women have lost their lives serving our nation. some of them are buried atgolde. there was presentation honoring blue star families. veterans worked side by side on community service projects. they got paint brushes to create a scene of pastels in oils. the adjustment back to
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civilian life can prove to be a difficult one for our nation's veterans but there is help. tomas ramon shows us two bay area groups making a difference. >> former marine served one tour in iraq and two in afghanistan. he is one of 40 vets taking part in the event here at adobe systems. he was trained as a network engineer but training he learned in the marines is useless in the high-tech industry. >> this program is brainchild of katherine webster. she saw the need to help vets that had technical training but found it difficult to find jobs in the private sector. she has paired mentors with returning vets like this marine looking for one of the estimated 8,000 high-tech jobs available in the bay area.
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>> that is why i'm here to get the skills they are looking for. >> some veterans struggle to find a job, others are looking for a place to live. they are about to open a new center on otis street. vets will soon be able to call this home. >> for as long as they wanted to for the rest of their lives. this is permanent housing. >> the chief operating officer says it it's taken six years and $30 million to make it a reality. there are more than 60,000 homeless vets according to the office of veterans' affairs. he has been homeless on and off for 12 years. soon he'll move into the commons. >> this is best veterans gift i could get. >> others will get medical care and, of course, a permanent place to call home. >> they say this is the first veterans homeless housing to be
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built in san francisco since 2000. they will l hold a meeting on monday from 11:00 to 3:00. >> veterans in the east l.a. have offered $25,000 to help find three plaques missing from a veterans memorial there. they were reported stolen last week. it was attached to a mexican-american memorial. the plaques are a combination of copper and bronze. they fear they have already been melted down. >> there are unanswered questions in the resignation of david petraeus over an affair. larry jacobs has the latest. >> still no word of jill kelly. silver suv leaving her home, she is the woman who set off a chain reaction that forced the resignation of david petraeus. kelly the wife of a tampa surgeon and long time supporter
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of the michelle was never involved with petraeus, but more of a family friend of petraeus and his wife. kelly considered the e-mail she received not only a threat to her but to petraeus, as well. the f.b.i. was contacted. there were initial concerns that the c.i.a. director secured e-mail account was hacked. >> the initial complaint was harassment that possibly could have gone to e-mail hacking. there was no substantive information this had anything to do with national security. >> the disturbing e-mail was traced back to petraeus's biographer paula broadwell and that led to e-mails. >> she appealed to petraeus because of the combination of intellectual prowess and the faculty she is physically capable. >> abc news has learned that petraeus with her begin after he
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retired from the military twa is week later when he became c.i.a. director. friends say it ended four months ago about the time jill kelly received the e-mails. they also say it was petraeus that ended the relationship. friends expect he and his wife of 38 years holly to survive this. >> ama: authorities are allowing some residents returning to their homes after natural gas explosion killed two people. firefighters found two people. four other people had minor injuries. investigators spent the day looking for what caused that blast. monday morning marks the end of the 2012 peak wildfire season in most of the bay area. california department of forestry and fire protection made the call. it covers three counties and central valleys including the west side of san joaquin and
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stanislaus counties. so far california has been hit by a 132 wildfires. >> they are looking for a man that tried to ram an officer with a car this afternoon. police attempted to stop the man after he was suspected of attempting to break into a vehicle. he ran out of a construction site after getting out of his car. officers surrounded a building for a short time, as well. >> contracted talks resume this weekend in a labor dispute involving raley supermarket employees. they walked off the job over a disputed involving pay and benefits. raley's has said con selgsdz are necessary to keep them competitive. they offer 130 super stores and other stores in california and nevada. >> you can expect to see a huge tax increase next year if republicans and democrats don't acted together.
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they agree americans need tax cuts but they can't agree how to get it done. >> and the cold weather continues but not for long. leigh glaser is up with the forecast. a little good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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some heavenly bodies will be streaking across the sky. you can see what they look like. the sevtdz passing through debris which is the fourth of the an annual meteor shower. the cool things about the meteors they tend to be fireballs.
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the shower is expected to peak tomorrow night. two bay area teenagers are being recognized for their work in their fight against luang cancer. they made it to the finals in competition. they are excited to be part of a competition that is such a challenge. >> i always remember, the quote you always miss 100% you take so you take part of this so this is part of the same research great innovation. >> they will be part of six teams competing on a national level in washington, d.c. last year's winner was a girl from cupertino. >> san mateo area is most zen area. where religious populations live san jose bay area has most
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buddhists per capita. 1.2% consider themselves as buddhists. san francisco and los angeles round out the top five. birmingham, alabama had the smallest percentage. >> you can expect a huge tax increase next year. they agree we need tax cuts not right now but can't figure out how to get it done. we'll break down the political object stack kalgs next. >> it is chilly again outside but leigh says there is a bit of a break. >> the 49ers and rams gave several chances to win. it went to ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪
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>> ama: in january an $800
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billion tax cut will expire. democrats and republicans say they want to see the tax cut extended but as david curly tells us they can't agree how to do it. >> cross the aisles, party sounded like they can make a deal. >> i think its basis for the deal. >> i absolutely believe there is. >> it's the same tone we heard from the major players. >> i'm open to compromise. >> it's time to get the job done. >> speaker boehner told republican members they would have to avoid fights. according to the "new york times" they seemed to listen but it doesn't change the basic disagreement that could push the country off the fiscal cliff the 1st of january. that is when tax cuts expire the average family will pay an extra $3700 a year. and severe cuts in defense spending will be triggered. sticking point, taxes. the president won on letting tax cuts for the rich expire.
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leading republican said, no. if it sounds like the argument we already heard, you are right. democrats appear emboldened. >> if the republicans will not agree with that, we will reach a point at the end of this year where all the tax cuts expire and we'll start over next year. >> the two sides have four more days to lay out their markers. on friday they come to the white house to start negotiations. >> ama: weather, it's been nice out but just chilly. >> i think the clouds that are sitting off the coast will help to warm us up. let's take a live look from vollmer peak cam looking down to the bay bridge. you sigh san francisco in the background there. right now we have mainly clear conditions although we have been noticing some high clouds drifting by from time to time. live doppler 7-hd showing some
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of those high and few mid-level clouds moving into marin county, heading over to santa rosa to petaluma area and even across the bay area off and on tonight. get ready for a little more insulation for us. that will mean some warmer temperatures for us. it was cold this morning. here is a look at some sunday morning overnight temperatures. cloverdale got down to 35 last night. santa rosa, 30. 32 in napa. concord, 35. antioch, you see they are getting down to 38 degrees. no frost advisories in effect for the bay area this evening. in protected valley areas we may see a little frost here or but nothing like last night. with the veil of clouds overhead. 48 for san francisco. 46 oakland, 39 you see for livermore. in the north bay where the fog
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frost was prevalent this morning 37 for napa and a bit warmer for santa rosa. expected low is 35 degrees. here is a look at current readings. 47 right now in antioch. 53 in san francisco. los gatos checking in with clear skies, 47 degrees. here is a look at our forecast. not as cold tonight, warmer through mid-week and warm back up to the mid-60s by wednesday and then showers will return to the bay area as we head into thursday and friday. possibility of heavy rain next weekend. high pressure will bring us a warmer day tomorrow. tail end of this cold front will continue to bring us a few clouds and by tuesday, you noticed on forecast animation, most of the rain stays to the north on monday but on tuesday, part of this front starts to sag a little to the south and san rafael and points north up to ukiah, we could possibly see a few light showers monday night and tuesday.
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by wednesday, high pressure builds back in and everything pushes back up to the north. clear skies and sunshine and mild temperatures by mid-week. here is a look at highs for monday. temperatures coming up a few more degrees, 62 for san rafael. interior east bay mid to low 60s. san jose you'll warm to 64. even the boardwalk, santa cruz, mild at 65 is sun and clouds and also some sunshine. accu-weather seven-day forecast, tuesday slight chance of showers north of the golden gate bridge. wednesday a terrific day, 60s mild with sunshine and look for more scattered showers and chance of very heavy rain moving in next sunday night through the travel week. >> ama: thank you. shu is here with sports. end of the niners game. >> nobody wanted to leave. 49ers hosting the rams.
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49ers lost alex smith due to a concussion. came back to tie it. we'll take it from there. first quarter. rams up by 14. alex smith takes off. instead of sliding deeper he goes head first. he suffered a concussion but he bounced right back up and kept playing. they took them on 78-yard drive. 14-7. he would leave with blurred vision. he can run. 7-yard touchdown run, niners are down by 3. on the kickoff. frank gore with 20 of his 97 yards of the day. two touchdowns and 21-17 niners. rams take the lead with a minute to go. st. louis up by 3. david akers tied it with a
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33-yard field goal. he is coming back from a broken collarbone and called back. niners turn they drive down from a winning field goal. he misses, harbaugh can't believe it. rams' turn, 53 yards, he makes it, but delay of game pushes them back five yards. this time from 58, he misses it. game is a tie. first time since 2008. patrick willis stunned afterwards. >> we had one of the best kickers in the game and he misses by a little bit. no excuses, we didn't win the game neither did we lose. obviously there are things we need to come back this week and
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get corrected. >> and raiders, over the middle to tight end. five yards, 17-3 baltimore. raiders fought back. he slips a tackle and he is gone. 55 yards, palmer threw for 2 tds watch this throw to smith, right on the money. 47 yards, 34-01. five minutes left and ravens run a fake field goal. he keeps it himself. 15 straight wins for baltimore. 55-20 is your final. a great story unfolded in the final tour event of the season. rookie charlie belgan spent friday night in the hospital after a panic attack. he was told he shouldn't
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continue to play, but he had to and today he holds on for the first pga victory. third shot, great approach wayne foot of the cup, he would birdie to be 15 under. he follows it with another birdie. he had 8 birdies on the day. he had one slip on 18, a bogey, 16 under for the tournament. winning his first pga. look at that. >> nascar, two races left for the cup. tire failure, hits the jeff gordon and boyer at it all day. gordon intentionally wrecked boyer. the crew went after gordon and the two sides brawled in the pits.
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boyer was third in the point standings. kevin harvick won. one race away from the championship, but this is all that will be remembered from today's race. i'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. stick around, we have plays of the day coming up at 11:00 and more from a 49ers locker room. >> the sky is the limit for
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coming up at 11:00 over on abc7, thousands of people losing their homes because of overdue water bills. why this is happening and the company that is making millions in profits. forget condoms and pill, new technology that can give men a
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new method of birth control. >> bond is back at the box office and did he ever clean up this weekend. skyfall the latest pulled in $87 million. wreck it ralph came in second. flight, arco and taken 2 is back in the top five. lincoln opened $88,000 per theater three times the average of skyfall. >> you are sai seeing skyfall tomorrow. >> tomorrow. daniel craig. >> that will do it for us at 9:00. i'm ama daetz. for everyone h thanks for joining us. connect at 24/7 at


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